• Platinum Ash Blonde - InterMix Wefts

Platinum Ash Blonde - InterMix Wefts

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All of the benefits of Machine Tied, Flat, & Hand Tied are now mixed into one. Meet Intertwined’s newest weft type, The InterMix Weft. This weft lays as flat as a Hand Tied Weft and works great for all hair types. Each pack contains one long weft that is 32”- 33” wide. It can be cut & customized to any width. This weft has no return hair (or mustache) to allow for maximum comfort.

- 45 grams per pack for 18” (suggested 1-3 packs for a full head install)

- 55 grams per pack for 22” (suggested 2-4 packs for a full head install)

- 60 grams per pack for 24” (suggested 3-5 packs for a full head install)

Due to the latex bond at the base of the Weft, we advise against adding any hot iron to the base as this could melt the bond & result in shedding. 

Due to the nature of achieving this level of white blonde, this color is more processed & may not have the life span of other blonde colors. We advise using hydrating, moisturizing products when wearing a color of this nature.

Please note: Color ratios may vary between each type and pack. The straight texture colors are not identical to the Airy.