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Spice - InterMix Wefts

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All of the benefits of Machine Tied, Flat, & Hand Tied are now mixed into one. Meet Intertwined’s newest weft type, The InterMix Weft. This weft lays as flat as a Hand Tied Weft and works great for all hair types. Each pack contains one long weft that is 32”- 33” wide. It can be cut & customized to any width. This weft has no return hair (or mustache) to allow for maximum comfort.

- 45 grams per pack for 18” (suggested 1-3 packs for a full head install)

- 55 grams per pack for 22” (suggested 2-4 packs for a full head install)

- 60 grams per pack for 24” (suggested 3-5 packs for a full head install)

Please note: The InterMix Weft may contain small amounts of latex in the weft base. Color ratios may vary between each type and pack. 

Due to the latex bond at the base of the Weft, we advise against adding any hot iron to the base as this could melt the bond & result in shedding.